Top 4 things we learned from Twitter in 2017


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Top 4 things we learned from Twitter in 2017

2017 is almost dead and gone and everyone loves a year in review, we have them for everything Twitter not excluded. Top4 things we learned from Twitter. Bam! There's the tagline and it's not often you see a top 4.

1 What's an Opinion?

We all have them but we don't always share them on our business pages but it can be a refreshing change of pace for any of your followers. Just like everything else you don't want to be an opinionated mouth piece that's not bringing in any value. But Channeling your inner Google wouldn't hurt. Tweet about current events and express your opinion on hot button issues. At worst it'll free up some space from free loaders on your e-mail list.

4 Defend your brand

If 2017 was anything it was definitly entertaining if you had the stomach for it. Seemed everyone had their twitter knives sharpened and they were out for little blue digital blood. But in the face of adversity Twitter faced massive backlash for not deleting Trump's tweet about N. Korea. They made a decision, defended, and came out the other side stronger for it.

3 Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

I talked about this yesterday but we see once again in 2017 that influencers aren't going away and are going to just as prevalent in 2018.  We all know there are huge names in every niche but an interesting reversal of that is Pampers. They have bloggers, reviews, and just regular people that use their products but they RT every…single…one of them. Sharing it all in their community.


4 Don't be a Twitter bot

This kind of goes back to 1 but you don't have to be confrontational or be the most controversial brand out there. You can be you sell your product or promote your brand people expect that. Just don't forget it's okay to laugh, make a joke, or be compassionate. It resonates with people and breaks up the daily grind of it all.

2017 was an interesting year but I think 2018 is gonna be great. Not just for my business but for yours as well. Keep your head up 2017 is almost over!