3 Hazards of Social Media Marketing

3 Hazards of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing seems to be simplest way to get brand awareness but if you tried before you can see how that is just not generally the case. First steps in a successful marketing campaign would be to not make the mistakes of others. Simple enough so here are the top 3 social media marketing hazards.

1. No long term plan

Creating a Facebook fan page and driving traffic to it is not a long term social media marketing plan. A long term plan is what, when, and who is going to be creating our content, when are consistently posting that content, and engaging with that content. Put in the work for the long haul and track what works and what doesn't.

2. Treating your social media platforms like bull horn

Advertising your products is the only way you can make money but you can't be like a kid selling newspapers in an old movie. You have to also engage your followers in meaningful conversations and give them great content. Promote and promote often is my motto, but don't just sell people are more inclined to buy when you also can give people some great content along with your pitch.

3.What works today may not tomorrow

In the age of high speed internet trends and meme's are born and die over night. Spotting quickly when a marketing campaign is no longer effective will save you in time and money. Also keeping track of what's up and coming can keep you ahead of your competitors as well.

There you have it the top 3 hazards to watch out for in your social media marketing. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you haven't already. I post different content on each to keep it fresh.

3 Things I Learned From a Shoemaker

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3 Things I Learned From a Shoemaker

In a world where we want more and more automation, one click website builders, or pre-made landing pages PATOS has a different answer. PATOS sells hand crafted Peruvian sneakers. I'll leave the Gen X and millennial feel good crap out of this post and get into the juicy stuff. Social media marketing.

Confirmation Emails

Imagine sending a confirmation email every time someone bought one of your products or signed up for your newsletter. Sounds daunting, especially if you do a huge amount of volume. That's what DJ Corbett after each sale. Is this something that I will do, hell no! But this his brand loyalty is sky-high and his email open rate is 72%. So don't forget to get personal every once in a while.

Solid Mission Plan

What they want to do with PATOS is to help Latin American artisans to have good jobs, keep tradition alive, and produce some amazing sneakers.  When asking their customers why they chose PATOS and not another company they said looks first then their mission is what sealed the deal.  What this means for an affiliate marketer like me is believing in the products that I promote is something that people will see and that's what will make them choose me and not the other guy.


Honestly, I did see that coming either but not for how you think. They use social media “micro-influencers”. People that love the brand already and have from 100-1000 + followers. These micro-influencers are authentic and create a strong and loyal fan base for the PATOS brand.


I'm all about automation I can't get enough of it but after reading about PATOS in this Forbes article it made me step back a second and think about what my mission should be, and to make some unscheduled emails. I really like what they're doing over at PATOS and can't wait to see what other things they come up with.

How to help you fledgling Instagram account in 3 steps

I've been testing an Instagram bot, shhhh, on a test store and it's doing an amazing job! Then I realized that I have not been giving that platform enough attention. It's driving traffic to the store, people are commenting, and all it's doing is liking and following people. So I dug up 3 ways to help you Instagram account.

Use Your Bio:

In your bio you want to pick 2-3 things that really stick out about your brand. You can see we have 3 features we wanted to highlight as well as a call to action and a link to the store. That simple: features, call to action, link, and it's Instagram don't forget your emojis.instagram david barnes affiliate marketing social

Trending, Trending, Trending

Keep an eye out for things that are trending on social media and use those hashtags to full effect. With Instagram's Search and Explore they will now show you pictures, videos, and hashtags that are similar to your interest. Which makes it even easier to find trending tags for you to promote. Just make sure you do a little research, you don't want to be promoting Gorilla Glue with some #Harambe tags. Or maybe you do, you have to know what works for your audience.

Add Text

When you post your pictures on Instagram add text to some of them. On this one I put that I was having a sale, but you can put whatever benefit you are offering. If you're doing weight loss put a quote from a satisfied customer.  Have a new info product? Put the best benefit. This will give people a reason to read your actual post.

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There you have it inspired by my Instagram bot selling drones. I'm not sure if that was some sort of Skynet inspired Inception there but there you have it. In summary: sell your brand in the bio, keep up with trends, and add text to pictures. If you need some more tips check out my free report #TrafficSecrets.

Top 4 things we learned from Twitter in 2017


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Top 4 things we learned from Twitter in 2017

2017 is almost dead and gone and everyone loves a year in review, we have them for everything Twitter not excluded. Top4 things we learned from Twitter. Bam! There's the tagline and it's not often you see a top 4.

1 What's an Opinion?

We all have them but we don't always share them on our business pages but it can be a refreshing change of pace for any of your followers. Just like everything else you don't want to be an opinionated mouth piece that's not bringing in any value. But Channeling your inner Google wouldn't hurt. Tweet about current events and express your opinion on hot button issues. At worst it'll free up some space from free loaders on your e-mail list.

4 Defend your brand

If 2017 was anything it was definitly entertaining if you had the stomach for it. Seemed everyone had their twitter knives sharpened and they were out for little blue digital blood. But in the face of adversity Twitter faced massive backlash for not deleting Trump's tweet about N. Korea. They made a decision, defended, and came out the other side stronger for it.

3 Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

I talked about this yesterday but we see once again in 2017 that influencers aren't going away and are going to just as prevalent in 2018.  We all know there are huge names in every niche but an interesting reversal of that is Pampers. They have bloggers, reviews, and just regular people that use their products but they RT every…single…one of them. Sharing it all in their community.


4 Don't be a Twitter bot

This kind of goes back to 1 but you don't have to be confrontational or be the most controversial brand out there. You can be you sell your product or promote your brand people expect that. Just don't forget it's okay to laugh, make a joke, or be compassionate. It resonates with people and breaks up the daily grind of it all.

2017 was an interesting year but I think 2018 is gonna be great. Not just for my business but for yours as well. Keep your head up 2017 is almost over!