Social Media Influencers: ‘does f*ck all’

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Social Media Influencers: L’Oreal’s face cream ‘does f*ck all’

The new year is finally coming to a close, unlike my pants, but I think we can all agree it's goodbye 2017 and hello 2018. While some have had a better year than others the social media influencers may have had the best of it.

When it comes to influencers you don't really have a great guarantee of anything. Are all there followers fake? Do they even understand what you're trying to market? Are they going to go rouge like Helen Mirren, L’Oreal or PewDiePie, Disney? I've used them and I've definitely had mixed results.

When you decide to use a social media influencer you want to find one that is close to your brand as possible. And I say when because some of them on fiverr are so cheap you'll do what I did and roll the dice, but even then check to see that they at least have people on their list that are interested in what you are saying.

Just like everything else nothing is guaranteed even if you found the perfect infuencer to promote your watches on Instagram he could still tell your audience that he thinks they suck. This, while unlikely, is something that could happen and happened with L'Oreal. How can one of the spokeswoman flat out just call your product shitty! But it did happen.

Even though you may decide to completely avoid them social media influencers are here to stay. I'm not too concerned about the stabbing me in the back or making a crude joke, but I do thrive on adversity. Be wary but know if you're not using influencers in 2018 you'll probably be missing out.

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