Influencers 2018: What’s Trending

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Influencers 2018: What's Trending

I'm a little tired tonight, woke up entirely too early this morning. About 2 hours before my alarm early, but I didn't want to leave yall without a new post about influencers! This is going to be a summary of a ZDNet article, so let's dive in.

Show me the money!

Companies are spending big bucks on social media influencers and they are expected to spend more. Almost 3/4's of increased there budgets and over 30% spent more than 5 grand on marketing in 2017.  Now that's pretty big right there but it's only expected to go up from there. 2018 may be the time for a new side job if you have that kind of clout, just sayin.

Lights, Camera, Vlogger

Video is becoming one of peoples favorite way to consume information, mine included.  It doesn't matter what niche you're in finding someone that uses a camera over a keyboard is going to be getting a lot of attention this year. This study, hidden “conveniently” behind a form says that 9/10 are influenced to buy because of video.

Authenticity and Influencers

People are able to tell who are basically in the pocket of a company and they don't appreciate that and called out influencers who were not be truthful. Finding and nurturing authentic relationships with people is going to be big for 2018 too. Not just from the influencers stand point but also yours, doing your do diligence and finding someone who is authentic is also going to be key for your brand.

That's Zdnet's article more or less in a nutshell. Influencers are going to be big this year. Video is going to be big. Scammer influencers probably going to be big too. Don't let that get you down though, it's gonna be a great year. Work hard, do your homework, and sign up for my free e-book so you can stay up to date with me.