3 Tips for Boosting Your Email Marketing Campaign

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3 Tips for Boosting Your Email Marketing Campaign

2018 is off to a pretty good start for me. I'm finally settled in after the holidays and the affiliate marketing adventure is in full swing. Even added some new subscribers to my list with no advertising, thank you SEO. Because of that I decided to make this post about email marketing quick tips.

1 Segmentation

Nobody has just one huge list covering dozens of niches and just blasts offers everyday, unless your a Nigerian Prince of course. Segmentation is something your probably doing but doing it well is the key. If you have someone on your email list and they buy the product move them onto another list and start selling something else. They already bought it and correctly segmented lists can have a 50% higher open rate.

2 Reactive Emailing

This goes well with cart abandonment recovery, reacting to what your audience is doing. Your audience goes to your affiliate link or puts something in their cart but doesn't buy, send them an email to remind them to check it out again. If they bought it hit them with the upsells again  a few times. They've already shown interest keep trying to get the upsell, cross-sell, or cart recovery.

3 Landing Pages

It doesn't matter what the offer is 25% off such and such item or the best video making tool ever make sure the landing page makes sense. If you mentioned a specific item send them there. If its a piece of software send them to a post about the product. Seems simple but it re-assures your audience that they clicked the right link and gives them confidence to buy.

There you have it 3 quick tips for your email marketing. Segment your list, react to their buying habits, and send them to the right landing page. I have some pretty exciting stuff coming up for you next week. Going to be visiting my roots in e-comm so I'm very happy about what's coming up.

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