3 Things I Learned From a Shoemaker

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3 Things I Learned From a Shoemaker

In a world where we want more and more automation, one click website builders, or pre-made landing pages PATOS has a different answer. PATOS sells hand crafted Peruvian sneakers. I'll leave the Gen X and millennial feel good crap out of this post and get into the juicy stuff. Social media marketing.

Confirmation Emails

Imagine sending a confirmation email every time someone bought one of your products or signed up for your newsletter. Sounds daunting, especially if you do a huge amount of volume. That's what DJ Corbett after each sale. Is this something that I will do, hell no! But this his brand loyalty is sky-high and his email open rate is 72%. So don't forget to get personal every once in a while.

Solid Mission Plan

What they want to do with PATOS is to help Latin American artisans to have good jobs, keep tradition alive, and produce some amazing sneakers.  When asking their customers why they chose PATOS and not another company they said looks first then their mission is what sealed the deal.  What this means for an affiliate marketer like me is believing in the products that I promote is something that people will see and that's what will make them choose me and not the other guy.


Honestly, I did see that coming either but not for how you think. They use social media “micro-influencers”. People that love the brand already and have from 100-1000 + followers. These micro-influencers are authentic and create a strong and loyal fan base for the PATOS brand.


I'm all about automation I can't get enough of it but after reading about PATOS in this Forbes article it made me step back a second and think about what my mission should be, and to make some unscheduled emails. I really like what they're doing over at PATOS and can't wait to see what other things they come up with.